High Yield, Fixed Term Investment

2.75% - 9% p.a.
paid monthly

Investments from $25,000

~ Estimate only. Calculated from the first day of the following month for the term of the investment.

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High Return Investments

If you have been looking to diversify your investment strategy, consider investing in an investment company like Investors Central. Investors Central offers investors the opportunity to purchase preference shares with a range of choices when it comes to the duration of your investment and the monthly returns you can expect. We pride ourselves on maintaining open communication with every one of our Investors and we are always available to provide answers to any questions you might have about Investor Central’s performance or the investment application process.


Investors Central an Australian Investment Company

Investors Central provides an investment option in Australia offering monthly returns over a fixed term. Preference shares are a special class of shares referred to as ‘redeemable preference shares’.  They are essentially debt instruments under which the company agrees to pay interest to investors each month on the principal investment amount. To find out more please download the Prospectus or get in touch with our Investor Relations Manager on 1300 468 236.




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Information is current as at 8 October 2020.


Invest in Investors Central

Attractive Rates

Fixed interest security with rates ranging from 2.75% - 9% p.a.

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No monthly
ongoing fees or charges.

Monthly Returns

Earn a reliable monthly income from interest payments.


Earn a reliable monthly income

Download the prospectus

Download a copy of our Prospectus and Supplementary Prospectuses. Contact our team if you have any questions about Investors Central or the Application Form.

Choose your Investment

Complete the application form and select the fixed investment term and amount that suits you.

Confirmation of Investment

We will send you a confirmation receipt of your application and advise the procedure to transfer funds if your application is accepted.


A few words about Investors Central

Investors Central Limited was established to raise capital to fund the expansion of its automotive lending business, Fin One Pty Ltd and its commercial lending business Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd  (collectively referred to as Finance One). Since 2010, Finance One has specialised in lending to applicants who may fall outside the guidelines of traditional lenders, such as banks and credit unions, servicing an industry sector which has up to around 4 million Australian’s looking for credit.

Investors Central has delivered consistent, steady growth in both revenue and profit, which has allowed them to continually attract new Investors and pay them fixed interest returns through redeemable preference shares.


Hear what our investors have to say

{I liked the Investor Central business model from the start. The spread of loans across a very wide customer base and the excellent systems to manage customer relationships, lowers the investment risk. Regular monthly cash flow to investors is also very attractive. But what really gave me confidence was meeting Jamie and his team. They are terrific people with a no nonsense style and a very honest view of the business. I have invested several times now and consider this one of the best investments in my portfolio.
C. Bloomfield
Cordeaux Heights NSW
{After my initial investment in 2010 it was not long before I gained confidence in the way in which Investors Central and its subsidiary Finance One conduct themselves, demonstrating a high degree of integrity and transparency, which only strengthens the faith I have in my investment leading me to increase my investment over time. I am enjoying my monthly interest returns as part of my investment portfolio.
D. Jang
Townsville QLD

Frequently asked questions

What are my options for investing with Investors Central?
Investors Central provides a range of investment options from $25,000. Investment terms vary depending on your principal investment amount. Before submitting an application to Investors Central please download and read our Prospectus.  We also encourage you to take professional advice from your lawyer, accountant, or professional adviser about whether this investment option is suitable for you. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
What do you do with the money that I invest?
Investors Central raises capital to fund the lending operations of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Fin One Pty Ltd (“Finance One”) and Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd (“Finance One Commercial”). Fin One Pty Ltd and Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd, are non-bank lenders that write consumer and commercial loans (respectively).  The Group is 100% Australian-owned and writes loans to borrowers in every state and territory in Australia. Investors Central is one of the few companies to offer this specific type of investment opportunity.
What are the options for the term of my investment?
Investors Central offers a range of investment terms from 3 months to 60 months, depending on your principal investment amount. Your choice of investment term will affect the rate of the monthly interest you will receive. Longer durations with our investment firm typically attract higher rates of return.
What makes Investors Central different from other investment companies in Australia?
What makes Investors Central different from other companies funds obtained from investors go directly to financing loans through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Fin One Pty Ltd and Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd. This means that as an investment company, we are able to maintain strict control over what happens to investor funds as they are being allocated within our own businesses.
Why do Finance One & Finance One Commercial need funding from Investors?
Capital raised from Investors will be loaned by Investors Central on a secured basis to its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Fin One Pty Ltd and Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd, to fund their consumer and commercial lending operations. Fin One Pty Ltd and Finance One Commercial Pty Ltd, are non-bank lenders that write consumer and commercial loans (respectively).
Why should I consider an investment company in Australia?

By allocating some of your excess finance to an investment company like Investors Central, you are not only diversifying your investment strategy, but also creating a passive income stream for yourself with monthly payments.

How do I find out more information about Investors Central?

At Investors Central, transparency is at the forefront of our operations. You can download our most recent annual and half yearly reports directly from our website. All information and current events can be found in our blog which is updated on a regular basis and our Prospectus can be downloaded directly from our website for those who are considering making an investment.

I’m considering investing, what do I do next?
We invite any potential Investors to attend one of our regular investor briefings which allow you to get to know our team and learn about the investment options that Investors Central offers. If you would like further information on our investment company please download the Prospectus.
Are the preference shares covered by the Australian government guarantee on deposits?
The Australian government guarantee on deposits of up to $250,000 per account holder – referred to as the Financial Claims Scheme (FSC) – only applies to depositors with authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) such as banks, building societies and credit unions in the event of the ADI failing.

Investors with $25,000 or more have the opportunity to invest.

Fixed interest monthly returns from 3 months to 60 months.