Investment Luncheons

What are Investment Luncheons?

Investors Central offers a unique investment opportunity to any potential investor, and the best way to fully understand how to make this investment opportunity work for you is to attend one of our regular investment luncheons. We want to have complete transparency with our Investors, so the investment luncheons are designed to provide current and potential investors with updated information regarding the company and present the company’s most recent financial reports. Most company directors will be in attendance including Jamie McGeachie (Managing Director) and Quinnton Cowen (Finance Director) who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about how this investment opportunity is working for others and how it can work for you.

You will also have the opportunity to speak to staff and other investors, and ask some questions to ensure you understand the opportunity that is available before you make a decision on whether to invest. Investors are very welcome to bring their financial advisor, their financial planner, their accountant or any trusted friend along to the investment luncheons. It is important that you and your advisors understand the business in its entirety and how you might use Investors Central as a valuable addition for a diverse investment portfolio.

A Typical Luncheon Schedule

  • A meet and greet with fellow Investors, Directors and Staff
  • Presentation from the Directors
  • Guest speakers
  • Lunch
  • Tea & Coffee

Videos of Past Luncheons

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