November 2018 Switzer Income Conference

Posted on: January 10, 2019

November 2018 "Switzer Income Conference"

Investors Central Limited, Managing Director and founder Jamie McGeachie presented at the inaugural Switzer Income Conference held in November 2018. Jamie’s presentation was in relation to the Fixed Interest returns offered by Investors Central.

The event was hosted and facilitated by Peter Switzer and included leading local (Australian investment options) and global (overseas investment) managers.

The conference consisted of two events across Sydney and Melbourne delivering investors and intermediaries a suite of some of the most comprehensive investment options in this category. The managers shared their views on markets, investing and the benefits of fixed income and bonds.

Q & A panels focussing on investing at home and abroad provided Investors an opportunity to obtain information regarding the various investment options. Attendance was high in both places with approximately 700 attendees in Sydney and 400 attendees in Melbourne.

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