Jamie McGeachie featured on the Switzer Report

Managing direct of Investors Central, the lending arm to Finance One, Jamie McGeachie explains his unique business model to Peter Switzer.

Posted on: September 01, 2016

Jamie McGeachie on Sky News

(This video was uploaded on 25 August 2016).

The unique business model of Investors Central is a tale that will travel through time and space. It will forever go down in history as a financial innovation.

It’s quite clear that in this new age, innovation is on trend and not only as one of the Australian Prime Minister’s favourite words. It is a trend that is ‘innovating’ the English-speaking world.

The innovation, however, that is lighting up the car finance lending market is the business plan McGeachie put forward as a hybrid peer to peer lender. Investors Central and Finance One are partnered as lenders to capitalise and provide people who do not necessarily qualify for a car loan following the changes to regulations after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The company now continues to experience strong, steady growth in the Automotive Lending sector nationwide.

Investor’s Central works as a capital raising arm for Finance One, which in turn is used to lend to people in search of a car loan. The idea of the business came to fruition in 2010 off the back of 13 years prior experience in the financial lending/broking business. Now, McGeachie has seen his personable client-business relationship grow and prosper from when he started in the industry as the business has evolved and company employee departments have expanded.

McGeachie says, “Transparency has been the key to our business model.”

This has enticed people new to the investment game to come in, put their toe in the water, and come out with great returns. The ‘borrow long, lend short’ business model for Investors Central is the complete opposite of what the banks implement. Therefore, investors are getting a bigger return on their investment and coming away happy, which is always the main priority.

So, it is our pleasure to present to you all Jamie McGeachie’s Switzer Report debut where he discusses the unique business model he has constructed which mimics peer-to-peer lender ideals whilst creating a more structured approach

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