After my initial investment in 2010 it was not long before I gained confidence in the way in which Investors Central and its subsidiary Finance One conduct themselves, demonstrating a high degree of integrity and transparency, which only strengthens the faith I have in my investment leading me to increase my investment over time.

I am enjoying my monthly interest returns as part of my investment portfolio.

- D. Jang, Townsville QLD
Current Investor

I liked the Investor Central business model from the start. The spread of loans across a very wide customer base and the excellent systems to manage customer relationships, lowers the investment risk. Regular monthly cash flow to investors is also very attractive. But what really gave me confidence was meeting Jamie and his team. They are terrific people with a no nonsense style and a very honest view of the business. I have invested several times now and consider this one of the best investments in my portfolio.

- C. Bloomfield, Cordeaux Heights NSW
Current Investor

Over the past 3 years, we have gradually increased holdings of preferential shares in Investor Central. Our confidence is founded on the transparency of the organisation, the sound fundamentals of the company, and the experience and integrity of its Founder, Jamie McGeachie, and the leadership team of Jason Ryan, Quinn Cowen and Stephen Jones.

At the outset, the idea of investing in a money-lending-company in this market sector raised ethical and risk concerns. I needed to be sure the company was lending our money responsibly. Happily, these concerns were allayed during my discussions with staff at the coal face, and backed up by the published financials... especially the low acceptance rate and default rate. There is a certain human element to the way the company does business with its client-borrowers that I like.

- G. Page, Sydney NSW
Current Investor

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Through the prospectus Australian investors with $25,000 or more have the opportunity to invest in an attractive fixed interest with a range of investment terms from 12 to 60 months providing a steady income stream to compliment a successful diverse investment portfolio. Our investors received over $10M in interest payments in the 2017 financial year.

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