Company Overview

Established in 2010

With over 8 years experience in the finance industry, investors and lenders can feel confident in our business operations.

To Raise capital

Investors Central was established purely as an investment vehicle to raise capital and to fund the wholly owned subsidiary, Finance One.

Monthly returns

Our business model allows investors to take part in generous, fixed interest returns on their investment.

About Finance One

Finance One is a niche credit provider which operates in the Australian second tier motor vehicle finance sector specialising in lending to individuals who can demonstrate that they are able to service loan repayments without suffering financial hardship. Since its inception Finance One has continually experienced strong positive growth and expansion through developing strong relationships with motor vehicle finance brokers.

The relationship between Finance One and Investors Central is that Investors Central Limited wholly owns Fin One Pty Ltd trading as Finance One. It is Finance One that loans money to customers to purchase vehicles. Each loan is secured, so that if the loan is ever in serious default, the car can be sold to minimise any loss incurred.

Our Business Model

From its beginnings in 2010, Finance One adopted a personal approach to lending. Each application is evaluated on its merits; despite the fact some applicants may fall outside the lending guidelines of traditional financial institutions. However, Finance One only lends to clients who demonstrate a clear capacity to repay a loan. Finance One continues to settle 1 out of every 5 loan applicants, this is consistent with our past performance. The second tier loan market is made up of customers who don’t qualify for finance from mainstream banks and finance companies due to a poor credit rating. The philosophy of Finance One is to give Australians who meet our strict lending criteria a second chance thereby affording them an opportunity to re-establish a favourable credit rating. The company operates in an ethical and responsible manner to ensure it meets its regulatory obligations. Although Finance One does everything possible to ensure their customers are good quality applicants, there is a higher risk involved with this group, and therefore the interest rates for these loans is higher.

Why invest in Investors Central?

High Yield, Reliable Monthly Returns

Your investment with Investors Central offers high yielding monthly returns. During the 2017 financial year our investors received over $10M in monthly interest payments with $44M being paid to investors since 2010.

No Management or Establishment Fees

There are no upfront or ongoing establishment/management fees associated with our investment, thereby optimising your investment return.

Transparency is a Key to Our Success

Our investors are encouraged to learn and understand our business and we offer investors ongoing transparency, giving you peace of mind in how your money is being managed. Investors are provided with Full and Half Year reports at meetings in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Investors Rank First

Preference Shareholders rank ahead of any other Finance Creditors and Ordinary Shareholders.

Investment Terms

Investors with $25,000 or more have the opportunity to invest in a fixed interest security with attractive rates from 4.25% to 12% - ranging from 3 to 60 months via our current Prospectus.

Download the Prospectus

Through the prospectus Australian investors with $25,000 or more have the opportunity to invest in an attractive fixed interest with a range of investment terms from 3 to 60 months providing a steady income stream to compliment a successful diverse investment portfolio.

Download the Prospectus

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